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Water Water Water

Posted: February 05, 2018

I want to put a word-picture in your head...(cue harp music)...

"He took one of the seedlings of the land and put it in fertile soil. He planted it like a willow by abundant water, and it sprouted and became a low, spreading vine. Its branches turned toward him, but its roots remained under it. So it became a vine and produced branches and put out leafy boughs."  Ezekiel 17:5-6

Imagine that this healthy, vibrant plant is you.  Imagine that the roots, completely hidden away but vital for all nourishment, are your inner thoughts.  Imagine that the stem and branches, outstretched and supportive, are your words.  Imagine that the flowering fruit, bright and wholesome, are your actions.  What a beautiful little plant you are!  What's the one thing you need most?  Water.  And what is water in this little metaphor?  God's Word.  

In order to be thriving, stable, beneficial...we need to water our thoughts, words and actions daily with scripture.  Do not deprive yourself of this critical need!  

Lord, no matter how busy my day is, I know that I need to set aside the time to hear from You.  Give me the discipline I need to water my spirit daily with Your Word.  I long to see the resulting fruit of dedication to You!  Amen.