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The Prize

Posted: August 22, 2018

Picture a marathon.  Now picture yourself running in it.  (For some of you, that makes you feel invigorated, for others, you're out of breath just thinking about it!)  Keep picturing it for a few more seconds...

Now I want to call attention to the conditions of the race you just imagined:  Was it sunny, or raining?  Was it a cold day, a hot day, or just perfect?  Were you running alone or in a crowd?  Were there spectators and were they cheering you on?  Were you running on a smooth, dry trail or was it dirty and difficult?

We're all running a race, this race called life.  Some of us are running in a season of good conditions, others feel like we're about to collapse.  Whatever obstacles you're running into right now, don't give up!  

"I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."  Philippians 3:14

Jesus, I need to run to You!  I want that prize at the end of Your glory and my eternal home.  Thank You for helping me along the way, for picking me up when I fall, for covering me when there's a downpour, for cheering me on.  I want to finish well!  Give me strength for tomorrow and show me how to help those around me who are struggling in the race.  Amen.