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Sticks and Stones

Posted: June 09, 2018

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has this problem:  I lay my head down on the pillow, snuggle down into the sheets, close my eyes and get ready to drift off into dreamland.....when my brain decides to play a fun little game called Stupid Stuff From Your Past *cue gameshow music*
And just like that, instead of snoozing and drooling, I'm cringing and sighing.  

Most of the clips from this game are audio: stupid stuff I've said
Remember when you lashed out at your sibling during that fight and said things you can never take back?
Remember when you verbally attacked that poor restaurant server for something that really wasn't that big of a deal?
Remember when you were a teenager and you yelled at your parents....like EVERY DAY....for no reason?!

"Careful words make for a careful life; careless talk may ruin everything."  Proverbs 13:3

Jesus, I have said some horrible things and I know I can't take them back.  Thank You for Your forgiveness and mercies that are new every morning.  Please give me the courage to ask forgiveness from those I've hurt with my words, no matter how small it seemed or how long ago it was.  I want to be much more careful with my words.  Holy Spirit, I give You permission to put a muzzle on me!  Give me a check in my spirit when I know I'm losing control.  I want my words to honor you, Lord, and set a foundation for a life of love and peace.  Amen.