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Praise - Don't Pout!

Posted: March 09, 2017

Have you ever had a day where just about everything seems to go wrong? Pretty much anything that can go wrong does go wrong, and you are about 3 seconds away from losing your cool at any given moment?

Yeah? Good. I was pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who had been there before.

Do you know what I’ve found though, in the midst of those terrible, no good, everything-went-wrong kind of days? My words directly affect my attitude. I’ve learned over time that how I chose to respond with my words ultimately affects my attitude and my mood, and can impact the rest of my day, for good or for bad.

There have been days when I’ve chosen my response to be, “I am so over this! I’m done. I’m going to be grumpy and mad about today and nothing is going to change that!”

But there have also been days when I’ve chosen my response to be, “Ok, just take a deep breath. Even though all I want to do is scream, I will not let the devil win today by making me sour or ugly to be around. I am choosing to speak positively. I am choosing to thank God for his grace for today and that his mercies will be new tomorrow.”

Now let me tell you, on the days when I’ve chosen the right response, it didn’t necessary mean my day instantly got better. But on those days, I found I had more peace, felt God more closely, and even felt less stress overall.

It’s amazing how when you chose to praise instead of pout, the stress, frustration and anxiety you felt before suddenly begin to lift, as though they don’t have a hold on you anymore.

“God replaces the spirit of heaviness with a garment of praise” – Isaiah 61:3

Lord, thank you that when I chose to put on the garment of praise instead of the garment of complaints, I can feel you lifting my burdens and my heaviness. Help me to choose praise in the midst of frustration and pain, so that you will be glorified in my life. In Jesus’ name, amen.