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Obedience is Better

Posted: October 30, 2017

"Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice..."  1 Samuel 15:22

Whoa.  Short verse, tall order. 

I have a friend who once said "I don't go on mission trips.  I'll give to go, but I don't want to travel."  He would rather give money (sacrifice) than go to another country and be very uncomfortable for over a week (obey).  Well, I happened to see a picture on facebook a few years later...guess what?  He and his wife went!

We are all on a journey with God, a long (hopefully straight and narrow) road in our personal relationship with Jesus.  We should want to grow and learn and mature, and with that comes a point when the tables turn and we stop treating God like the big Santa Claus in the sky, begging for things that will make us happy...and we start listening to Him.  Then comes the choice...will I obey?

Lord, I want to obey You more than anything.  I want to hear Your voice and be about Your business.  What are You saying?  What are You doing?  Speak to me....Amen.