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Jesus Wept

Posted: September 16, 2017

Here's some Bible trivia for you: The shortest verse in the whole Bible is John 11:35.

"Jesus wept."

Lazarus, one of Jesus' best friends, got sick and died.  Mary and Martha, also Jesus' close friends and Lazarus' sisters, were understandably grieving and crying.  The Bible tells us that Jesus truly loved these three siblings.  Meyer's New Testament Commentary on John 11:35 says "His lamenting is a shedding of tears in quiet anguish, not a weeping with loud lamentation." It should not surprise us that Jesus, fully God but also fully human, was genuinely tender and sorrowful at the news of His friend's death (even though He already knew he would be raised from the dead!) So here's my questions: does crying make you uncomfortable?

When things go wrong, it's ok to cry.  I can grow in spiritual maturity and faith to the point where I *know that I know that I know* God is in control and He will uphold me...and still cry.  Sobbing, groaning, and lamenting are all ways to express grief.  Let's not be afraid of tears but encourage one another through the hard times.  Even Jesus wept!

Father, You know my heart and all that I carry.  Thank You for the freedom to cry and to cry out to You.  I stand on Your promise that "though weeping may endure for a night, JOY comes in the morning."  And give me more understanding and strength to support and encourage those around me who are in pain.  Amen.