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Good Will Come

Posted: August 06, 2018

"Good will come to those who are generous and lend freely, who conduct their affairs with justice."  Psalm 112:5

Another awesome promise from our Heavenly Father!  Do you know anyone who is generous?  Do you know someone who "lends freely" and does everything with integrity and justice?  I've met a few in my day and they are the best people to hang around.  Not just because I'm bound to benefit from their generosity, but because they are easy-going, they smile a lot, and they have a great attitude.  I know such a person that, when asked how they can be so generous all the time, they replied "well, it's not mine to begin with."

Everything we have comes from God, so let's be generous with our time, money, possessions, skills, and kindness.  Good will come!!!

Jesus, thank You for all that I have!  I want to be generous and hold everything with a loose grip, knowing it's all Yours to begin with.  Show me who to give what to, and give me humility and grace when dealing with others.  Amen.