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Posted: January 22, 2018

I was watching my 5-year-old dig through her Halloween bag in search of her nightly dessert...and it was taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  I realized she was having more fun pulling out possible choices/looking at the wrappers/discussing her options, than she was going to actually have eating the piece of candy.  

Adults do this, too.  Some women plan shopping trips more strategically than the military, and some families spend the better part of a year plotting out every detail of an upcoming vacation.  Do you ever think, on the drive home from the mall or the airport, "I had as much fun looking forward to it as I did DOING it...maybe even more."?

Why?  One word:  HOPE.  As humans, we tend to put our hope in what's coming next, whether that be as small as a piece of Halloween candy or as big as our future wedding.  When you look forward to something, it's perfect in your mind.

"We are looking for what God has promised, which are new heavens and a new earth. Only what is right and good will be there." 2 Peter 3:13

Thankfully, heaven is going to be WAY better than we could ever imagine, look forward to, or hope for.  For those who put their hope in Jesus, we can get our hopes way up without any fear of disappointment!

Jesus, You are the eternal hope!  You never disappoint and You are always perfect.  Show me how to have an eternal mindset and to put my hope in You more than anything of this earth.  I want to show others that hope in You is the only way to true, abundant life.  Amen.