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Fear God

Posted: July 28, 2018

You've probably heard or read in the Bible that we are supposed to fear God.  This can be a confusing concept when we also know that God is love, and perfect love casts out all fear.

William D. Eisenhower puts it this way in his article 'Fearing God" in Christianity Today:

"Unfortunately, many of us presume that the world is the ultimate threat and that God's function is to offset it. How different this is from the biblical position that God is far scarier than the world …. When we assume that the world is the ultimate threat, we give it unwarranted power, for in truth, the world's threats are temporary. When we expect God to balance the stress of the world, we reduce him to the world's equal …. As I walk with the Lord, I discover that God poses an ominous threat to my ego, but not to me. He rescues me from my delusions, so he may reveal the truth that sets me free. He casts me down, only to lift me up again. He sits in judgment of my sin, but forgives me nevertheless. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but love from the Lord is its completion."

Lord, I long to achieve Your heavenly mindset: that this life is not my own and it is very temporary.  Ultimately, we are here for Your glory and I want to look forward to eternity more than anything here on earth.  Give me an eternal perspective and the passion for others to get there as well.  Amen.