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Cray Cray

Posted: February 18, 2019

"But may all who search for you be filled with joy and gladness in you. May those who love your salvation repeatedly shout, “God is great!” Psalm 70:4

If you read this Psalm in its entirety, you'll find that David was praising God joyfully, declaring his greatness, all while being chased by murderers. They were chasing him, trying to kill him, and trying to defame him, and then while all that is going on he was like, "God you're good and I'm good and it's all good."

Say what now? That's what you call "cray cray."

One thing I've learned in my 20 years as a believer is that if there is no need, there is no opportunity for a miracle. God's power can best be shown in dire circumstances.

What's more, is that we should be joyful and glad knowing that God is near and that He is great and mighty. He is great and mighty in the dire circumstance just as much as before and will be after. God is always great and mighty. He is always near. He is always saving, healing, delivering, redeeming and providing for us. We must acknowledge that, even if we can't see it, and in doing so proclaim God's glory and might and greatness to ourselves and to those around us. That's who He is and that's what He does. All the time. No matter what.

Lord, I fail time and time again to seek after You. When life is great, I need to remember Your greatness and Your might and power and strength and glory. And when life is full of challenges, help me to remember and hold onto those very same promises. In Jesus' name, Amen.