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Good Days & Bad Days

Posted: July 15, 2016

Here's something that we all have in common - we all have good days and bad days. We all have days that we want to relive over and over again, and we all have days that we wish we could forget about and never return to. 

David, one of the greatest leaders in history, shared about his good days and bad days throughout the Psalms in the Bible. You can read all about his life, but the Psalms were songs he sand in response to those good days and bad days. In one of my favorite chapters in the Bible, Psalm 103, David says this:

"O my soul, bless God. From head to toe, I’ll bless his holy name!" - Psalm 103:1

David, in the very beginning of this chapter, was telling himself to praise God, not just because of his good days or in spite of his bad days, but because God is inherently good, and he deserves our praise no matter what. In this chapter he reminds himself of all that God is and has done. Sometimes, we need to do the same. Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves of who God is and what he's done in our lives. Sometimes we need to just praise God, because he deserves it.

God, I thank you for my good days. They're awesome. But I also thank you for my bad days, because they remind me of how good and faithful you are. I praise you right now for who you are and for all you have done in my life. You are good and you are faithful, always, and for that, I give you thanks and praise. In Jesus' name, amen.