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Svetlana Papazov: “Present for Success”

Learn how to present for success and become an expert in your field. Sharpen your presentation skills, increase your impact and inspire change!


Charity Burner & Panel: “Friendship 101”

We all want relationships in which we know and are known at the deepest level. We want friendships that point us to grace and truth. However, if we are honest that can be hard! In this session I’ll be joined by a beautiful panel of my own friends as we discover friendship the way God designed it.

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Vanessa Johnson: “Beauty for Ashes”

How do I identify mental roadblocks in my life? How do I discover the power of my voice? And how do I embrace my healing journey? Let’s talk about it!

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Lisa Potter: “The Celebration of YOU”

Culture, society, the church, and our family dynamics often define for us what it means to be female. It's key to discover and establish God's celebration of women; that's when the sisterhood begins to flourish. And when YOU start to flourish, your influence invades the world around you.